Space Tango provides access to microgravity for R&D (research and development) and manufacturing on the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory through automated platforms that can support a variety of sciences. By simplifying and standardizing many aspects of experiment design and integration, Space Tango makes research and manufacturing in microgravity efficient, affordable, and scalable.

Coupled with our expertise in technology and scientific consulting, we guide partners through the process of designing, integrating, and operating their investigations in space — a multiple-step process – affording them the opportunity to focus on the science

Space Tango continues to support our diverse partnership programs and projects in cell-culturing, tissue chips, thin-film manufacturing, flow chemistry, plant science, and microbiology. Leveraging this experience, Space Tango is developing new commercial market sectors in space with ST-42 — a fully autonomous orbital platform designed specifically for scalable manufacturing in space.

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