As a leader in automated systems, Space Tango provides facilities to support data collection and manufacturing in space. We seek to unearth answers for humanity by utilizing the unique environment of space.

Proven Flight Heritage

We are a leader in the design, certification, and operation of systems across space platforms.

  • Permanent ISS facilities (TangoLab)
  • Automated facilities enabling commanding during ascent & descent (PAUL)
  • Layer-By-Layer Deposition
  • Stem Cell, Tissue Chip, Organoid Platforms
  • Volumetric Additive Manufacturing & 3D Bioprinting Platforms
  • Integration vehicles include Space-X Dragon, Northrop Grumman Cygnus & Sierra Dreamchaser* (manifested 2024)
Proven Automation Heritage

Focus on Automation and Reusability + Minimal Reliance on Crew = Agility in All Space Platforms

  • Host Facilities: Internal payload power & heat rejection, data downlinking
  • Imaging: Microscopy, High-Resolution Cameras
  • Microfluidics: Fluidic pumping, custom manifolds
  • Thermal Control: Individual, discrete component control from 4C to 37C
  • Data: Real-time payload control, reporting & alerts, image processing
  • Custom Design Aspects: Pressurization, Spectrometry, Spectrophotometry, Electrical Stimulation, Laser Control
Proven Talent Heritage

Building on Decades of Accomplishments with Unrivaled Expertise and Collaborative Excellence 

  • Engineering Knowledge: 10+ years of experience in the translation of sophisticated bioscience-based experiments into miniaturized, fully automated spaces. 
  • Scientific Knowledge: International team with expertise spanning biochemistry, cancer epigenetics, and Biomedical Sciences and a focus on incorporation of cGMP best practices.
  • Business Knowledge: Leadership team amassed over 25 years of expertise in commercial space and the military defense sector, with backgrounds from SpaceX, Raytheon, USAF, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and Kentucky Space.

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