The microgravity environment is a new frontier for discovery
and innovation. By exploring it with industries of all kinds,
we can improve life on Earth.

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Featured Work

Docked on the International Space Station, our payloads yield results for a diverse range of industries, for life science and physical science research to manufacturing and beyond. Each project, in some way, shares a common goal to improve life on Earth. Here are some of our featured projects.

International Space Station
Immiscible liquid separation

Observing the passive separation and mixing of immiscible fluids in microgravity.


Investigating the effects microgravity has on the Mealworm life cycle.


Observing the behavior and flight patterns of alfalfa leafcutting bees in the microgravity environment.

Barley Germination

Evaluating the effects of microgravity on dry seeds, germination, and initial growth of barley.

Flow Chemistry

Analyzing the effects microgravity has on a surface force-reliant separation system from Zaiput Flow Technologies.


Evaluating the evolution of E. coli resistance to antibiotics in the microgravity environment.


CubeLabs are an autonomous microgravity research and manufacturing standard developed by Space Tango for modular, scalable and reconfigurable use.


CubeLab modules scale in volume with added complexity. A 1U is a 4” cube, but modules can currently scale up to 6U’s.


All environmental, sensing and control logistics are included within these units.


CubeLabs are reused between flights allowing a quick hardware turnaround and high experimental throughput.

Our Clients

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Higher Orbits
Magnitude IO
Quest Institute For Quality Education
Lambda Vision
Zapiut Charcoal