Our hub on the International Space Station.

TangoLab facilities are fully automated systems allowing multiple payloads to run simultaneously and independently on orbit. They provide a standardized platform and open architecture for payload modules called CubeLabs that allow multiple biomedical and technology applications to run simultaneously and independently on orbit. CubeLabs provide interactive payload management from Earth and downlink of images and data in near real-time from station. While reducing the development cycle and cost for R&D and pilot manufacturing, TangoLab architecture also minimizes astronaut interaction. We’re reducing complexity while increasing scalability. Users can also interact with and retrieve their data via a web-based customer portal.

Space Tango’s first operational facility, TangoLab-1, was installed on the International Space Station in August 2016. It currently resides in the Destiny module. A year later in August 2017, TangoLab-2 was welcomed aboard the ISS and is also in the US destiny module.

Target markets include but are not limited to life sciences, physical sciences, flow chemistry, biomedical, and materials manufacturing.

CubeLab Sealed

CubeLab™ Sealed
  2U 4U 6U
103.4 in³ 225.3 in³ 350.9 in³
Containment 2 levels airtight
Power 20W 40W 60W
  *Technical specs available upon request.

CubeLab Vented

CubeLab™ Vented
  1U 2U 6U
155.0 in³ 115.1 in³ 366.5 in³
Containment 1 level air permeable
Power 10W 20W 60W
  *Technical specs available upon request.