Shelby Giza

Shelby Giza is the Director, Science at Space Tango. While ensuring alignment with the corporate mission, Shelby works collaboratively to oversee the strategic and tactical integration of health and technology applications for R&D and manufacturing in space. She provides integral, evidence-based insight to both internal and external stakeholders ensuring the intuitive design of hardware and facilities for a growing variety of science initiatives. Shelby continues to advance best practice mechanisms throughout the ideation of manufacturing patient therapeutics in space, and she harnesses results to contribute to low-Earth orbit market development with partnering research institutions, industry, and government professionals. 

Shelby has 20 years of research experience in numerous disease areas.  As a scientist, Shelby was involved in the research behind NIO752 (currently in Phase I), Beovu® (brolucizumab-dbll, approved in 2019), and the SYNERGY™ Drug-Eluting Stent (approved in 2015). Shelby also brings ISS-user experience after supporting the research and development of a 3D human muscle tissue chip in the Malany Lab at the University of Florida, in collaboration with Space Tango, flown on the SpaceX CRS-21 mission.