March 25, 2024

Upcoming Future Space Economy Webcast


Last week, the space industry witnessed an unprecedented gathering of experts at SATELLITE 2024, where the future of the space economy took center stage. For those who missed the live event, there’s an opportunity to participate in the discussion during the rebroadcast scheduled for 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 2nd. Following the rebroadcast, a live Q&A session will feature panelists from QinetiQ, Space Tango, and Kepler Communications.

One of the key themes explored during the event was “Building Deep Space Satellite Connectivity Networks.” This upcoming webcast promises a deep dive into the intricacies of designing satellite networks for deep space, their operational functionalities in extreme environments, and the historical context derived from previous deep-space exploration missions and research satellites.

The discussion couldn’t be more timely as the demand for connectivity continues to soar in both the current global economy and the anticipated Future Space Economy. With the proliferation of data-centric applications and the increasing complexity of space missions, the need for robust satellite infrastructure is more critical than ever.

Decades of effort have been invested in constructing a global satellite connectivity infrastructure around Earth. However, as we set our sights on future endeavors beyond our planet, a pressing question emerges: Can we replicate Earth’s satellite connectivity infrastructure on the Moon or other celestial bodies?

This question isn’t merely speculative but holds profound implications for the future of space exploration, colonization, and commerce. The idea of extending satellite connectivity to new environments opens up possibilities for scientific research, resource utilization, and even interplanetary communication networks.

Reserve your spot online today to participate in the upcoming webcast.