May 15, 2024

Space Tech Expo Panel: Building Space Tech Ventures


LONG BEACH, Ca. (May 15, 2024) – Space Tango CEO S. Sita Sonty discussed the trajectory of space investments and provided expert insights into the nuanced landscape of venture capital in a panel, “Fueling the Future: Accessing Funds and Building Space Tech Ventures” yesterday at the annual Space Tech Expo. Panelists also included Foundation Alloy CEO Jake Guglin, Viridian Space Corporation Slava Spektor, and Material Impact Company Builder and session moderator Melissa Fensterstock.

Sita and her fellow panelists reflected on the space sector’s trajectory and discussed the resurgence of venture capital in space, highlighting opportunities for profitability and avenues to access funds. With a spotlight on the burgeoning space tech community in Long Beach, they examined investment potential, strategies for enhancing efficiency and reliability, and the criteria investors prioritize when considering space ventures. Panelists also reviewed the current challenges within space tech investing and provided best practice considerations on navigating the evolving funding environment.

Space Tango was honored to be represented on this esteemed panel and to extend a transfer of knowledge to a highly invested audience.