April 4, 2024

Space Tango Sponsors MIT’s Beyond the Cradle, Pioneering the Future of Space Exploration

Lexington, Ky. (April 4, 2024) – Space Tango, a leader in microgravity, biotechnology, and in-space manufacturing, announced its sponsorship of this year’s Beyond the Cradle, part of MIT Space Week.  Beyond The Cradle aligns with Space Tango’s mission to expand innovation beyond Earth.

Space Tango is actively providing space integration and flight readiness analysis to MIT’s Space Exploration Initiative to target flight-ready applications and technologies through their Parabolic Flight program. Students will be able to access Space Tango’s flight hardware at Beyond the Cradle to launch future missions.

“We are thrilled to support Beyond the Cradle, encapsulating the spirit of space exploration and innovation,” said S. Sita Sonty, CEO of Space Tango. “Our involvement underscores Space Tango’s commitment to propel the next generation of spaceflight in microgravity and beyond.”

Cody Paige, Director of the MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative, adds, “This collaboration exemplifies our shared vision of expanding access to space and fostering interdisciplinary research. By aligning our expertise, we can unlock new opportunities for students to push the boundaries of scientific exploration.”

Beyond the Cradle, hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), serves as a convergence point for visionaries, scholars, and industry leaders to explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in space exploration. As a sponsor, Space Tango will play a pivotal role in facilitating discussions around the commercialization of space and the development of technology that benefits humanity on and off Earth. Attendees can look forward to engaging in panel discussions featuring Ms. Sonty, Ms. Paige, and other industry experts, who will share insights into investing and thriving within the evolving space ecosystem.

This year’s Beyond the Cradle also features an array of flight hardware and science imagery, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of space research and development. Through its sponsorship, Space Tango will showcase the impact of microgravity research and manufacturing in addressing humanity’s most pressing challenges.

For more information on Beyond the Cradle, visit media.mit.edu/groups/beyond-the-cradle/overview, or visit The Media Lab YouTube Channel to watch live!


About Space Tango

Space Tango is an industry leader in automated systems in the pursuit of health and technology manufacturing in space. Since 2017 Space Tango has provided facilities to support iterative R&D and manufacturing in microgravity environments. Through an integrated and intuitive approach, Space Tango works alongside its diverse partner base to embrace pathways to production. For more information, visit www.spacetango.com.

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