May 25, 2021

Space Tango Welcomes Chief Innovation Officer

Alain Berinstain, Ph.D. to Lead LEO Market Creation


LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 25, 2021)Space Tango today announced the hiring of Dr. Alain Berinstain as its Chief Innovation Officer. Bringing nearly 20 years of experience in both interdisciplinary science and technology and global business development strategy, Berinstain will lead the identification of new markets in low-Earth orbit and opportunities for automated in-space manufacturing for health and technology products.

“I am so excited to join Space Tango and help the team achieve our ambitious vision of using space to create a better future for humanity,” said Berinstain. “Through cutting edge innovation and strong partnerships, we will manufacture products in space that will change people’s lives.”

Previously, Berinstain served as the Vice President, Global Development at Moon Express, a privately held company dedicated to developing scalable robotic spacecraft for missions on the Moon and beyond, where he developed and managed corporate agreements with global stakeholders. Berinstain has also held multiple leadership roles in a variety of organizations including the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) as the Director, Planetary Exploration and Space Astronomy, and Director, Science & Academic Development; as well as serving as the Director of Policy for Canada’s Minister of Transport, Hon. Marc Garneau, former president of the Canadian Space Agency and Canada’s first astronaut. Berinstain also holds a doctorate in physical organic chemistry from the University of Ottawa, a master’s degree in space studies from the International Space University, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Concordia University.

“Alain’s experience is not only commendable – it’s a game-changer,” said Space Tango Co-Founder and CEO Twyman Clements. “Both his experience and passion are a welcomed addition to the team as we begin to shift partnerships into valuable, long-term programs as a part of our commitment to utilizing microgravity to benefit humanity.”

Berinstain will be based in Florida along with a growing demographic of Space Tango professionals. To learn more about Alain Berinstain and his contributions to the aerospace industry, visit


Space Tango provides improved access to microgravity through their Open Orbit platform for research and commercial manufacturing applications that benefit life on Earth. The Company believes the microgravity environment is a new frontier for discovery and innovation. Space Tango is focused on creating a new global market 250 miles up in low-Earth orbit and envisions a future where the next important breakthroughs in both healthcare and technology will occur off the planet. Recognized for their expertise in microgravity design and operations, Space Tango believes that by exploring with industry and educational partners of all kinds, we can improve life on Earth and inspire the next generation to continue to expand the horizon of this new frontier. For more information, visit