July 19, 2018

Space Tango Unveils Brand Vision

Open Orbit Reshapes Space As A Service Business Model

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Space Tango today unveiled a brand vision that signifies the Company’s dedication to increasing accessibility to the microgravity environment for an expanding number of research and commercial manufacturing applications that improve life on Earth. The brand vision supports Space Tango’s belief that the next important breakthroughs in human health and technology will occur off the planet, creating a new global market 250 miles up in low Earth Orbit (LEO).

“We have consistently excelled in providing efficient and cost-effective product development cycles and rapid delivery of configurable systems for research on orbit under our Space As A Service model,” said co-founder and CEO Twyman Clements. “Our expertise in the design, development, and operation of these automated systems provides a platform for expanding to commercial manufacturing applications in a variety of biomedical and technology applications. The brand vision and Open Orbit tagline we have created reflects the evolution of the commercial focus of Space Tango.”

The logo and brand vision were created in partnership with Bullhorn, a Kentucky and Washington, D.C. based branding agency.

“The Space Tango symbol is as dynamic as the work they do,” commented Adam Kuhn, Bullhorn Partner and Creative Director. “We wanted the brand vision to signify the diversity of payloads across industries and applications that share a common goal of Earth benefit. Open Orbit serves as a symbol of that unified diversity and Space Tango’s dedication to making microgravity accessible to all to improve life on Earth.”

About Space Tango

Space Tango provides improved access to microgravity through their Open Orbit platform for research and commercial manufacturing applications that benefit life on Earth. The Company believes the microgravity environment is a new frontier for discovery and innovation. Space Tango is focused on creating a new global market 250 miles up in low Earth orbit and envisions a future where the next important breakthroughs in both healthcare and technology will occur off the planet. Recognized for their expertise in microgravity design and operations, Space Tango believes that by exploring with industry and educational partners of all kinds, we can improve life on Earth and inspire the next generation to continue to expand the horizon of this new frontier. For more information, visit www.spacetango.com.

About Bullhorn

Bullhorn is a branding agency serving a range businesses, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations in Lexington and beyond. The agency provides brand consulting, as well as creative work including campaign, environmental, naming, photography and video, strategy, and web design and development. As a Certified B Corporation, Bullhorn is among over 2200 global leaders dedicated to using business as a force for good, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. For more information, visit bullhorncreative.com.


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