Mission badge/patch for CRS-9
CRS-9 Payloads July 22, 2018

CRS-9 Payloads

LEXINGTON, Ky — At approximately 4:45am EDT Monday, August 1, American Astronaut Jeff Williams, onboard the International Space Station (ISS), permanently installed TangoLab-1. The installation follows the successful SpaceX CRS-9 launch on July 18, 2016 from Kennedy Space Center.

Space Tango CEO Twyman Clements reported that all flight computers are fully operational and all other systems are “green” and functioning properly.

TangoLab-1 is a multipurpose automated technology resident platform that enables R&D, bioengineering and manufacturing in the microgravity environment of space … particularly in the area of Exomedicine … centering on the pursuit of biomedical solutions in microgravity for applications on Earth. Initial experiments will test power safety, data streaming and heat mapping. First rounds of physical and biological science experimentation will fly on SpaceX CRS-10 in November.

“The design and installation of TangoLab-1 will drive a new generation of high-value R&D and commercial development“ said Twyman Clements, Space Tango President and CEO.

Space Tango expresses its appreciation to NASA and CASIS for their leadership in the support of this achievement.

Space Tango Inc. utilizes space for solutions on Earth by designing and building hardware and software platforms that enable research in microgravity on the International Space Station.