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CubeLabs™ provide a standardized platform for iterative R&D on the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory. This automated hardware allows us to translate your Earth-based science to space and serves as the basis for future pilot-scale and commercial manufacturing.
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CubeLabs scale in size depending on the scientific objectives. With 1U (10cm3) as the standard size, CubeLabs can scale to 2U, 4U, 6U, and 9U to accommodate a variety of science and subsystems. Space Tango continues to develop new hardware that scales beyond 9U.


Manifolds manage multiple fluids, media exchange, sampling, and fixation. They are designed based on partner-specified flow and pressure parameters.

Thermal Control

The cold flask subsystem can maintain temperatures as low as 4. This is ideal for science that requires specific temperature control throughout the duration of the investigation.


Automated intervals for lighting and imaging allow investigators to define an ideal environment to observe their science. CubeLabs can be equipped with a variety of imaging capabilities including advanced lighting cycles and microscopy.
Angled image of CubeLab flight computer

CubeLab Flight Computer

CubeLab automation is made possible by built-in flight computers. These boards are designed to provide all automated control architecture as well as provide data to partners in near-real time.

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