Director, Portfolio Management

Jennifer Read is the Director, Portfolio Management at Space Tango. In this role, Jennifer brings value to the organization by ensuring that the selection and delivery of Space Tango projects remain aligned with the company’s vision and strategy while delivering value through stakeholder satisfaction.

Jennifer has over 30 years of experience supporting the human spaceflight program and project lifecycle activities including acquisition planning; the design, development, and testing of in-space hardware, as well as on-orbit operations. Her in-depth knowledge of systems engineering and project management strategies, coupled with a comprehensive background in scientific research and technical integration, has allowed her to lead the process development, implementation, and management efforts with NASA for the ISS, Constellation, Exploration Systems, and Gateway formulation activities.

Jennifer’s impassioned approach, positive outlook, and encouragement of others have provided a “can-do” mentality to her peers and stakeholders throughout her career while she consistently seeks to make a meaningful difference in her work. This combination of experience and passion continues in her role with Space Tango today.