Product shot of ST-42


Space Tango’s reusable, re-entry free-flying orbital platform utilizes microgravity to manufacture health and technology products in space that create value and transformational solutions for humanity.
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Image of st-42 flying over the moon

Just Passing By

ST-42 is an automated, free-flying capsule that does not dock or require astronauts to operate.
Showing reusable components of ST-42


Each capsule is designed for use for up to 10 missions, permitting reduced production costs and faster turnaround time. 
Breakdown of autonomous layers of ST-42


Includes a trunk section which will hold solar panels, primary batteries, propellant, LOX (for suppress and repress of capsule) and other equipment to ensure automated, free-flying capabilities.
Product shot of ST-42


ST-42’s initial design will incorporate features that address Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP). These regulations are enforced by the FDA and are a critical component in the production of patient therapeutics that Space Tango intends to establish as an on-orbit capability within the platform.
Four images of ST-42 showing configurable options


ST-42 is designed with innovation and the future in mind. A fleet of industry-specific configurations permits dedicated microgravity environments for a variety of production efforts, including health and technology manufacturing.

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