Space Tango Named NASA Kentucky’s EPSCoR Industry Partner

Awarded a total of $850,000 from NASA, the NASA Kentucky EPSCoR Program at the University of Kentucky chose to collaborate with Space Tango as their industry partner throughout the duration of the “small-satellite swarms” project.

UK Now writer Kel Hahn shares that “small-satellite swarms are an integral part of future space missions, including exploration, atmospheric measurements, comet detection, cosmological and biological studies and space-weather monitoring.”

Not only will the team utilize the NASA Marshall flat-floor facility to research “cooperative-control,” but EPSCoR investigators will also utilize our TangoLab facilities aboard the ISS for a “two-satellite formation-flying experiment.”

“This project with the UK College of Engineering is a perfect use case for leveraging the ISS as a platform for R&D in microgravity” said Space Tango CEO and UK mechanical engineering graduate Twyman Clements.

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