Space Tango expands our partners’ R&D into economically viable business initiatives. Together, we identify manufacturing in microgravity as a necessary factor to develop new products, services, or processes that will benefit humanity. Processes traditionally done on Earth, such as layer-by-layer deposition, benefit from an on-orbit process where reduced gravity improves homogeneity, stability, and performance.

Critical to this vision, Space Tango is establishing Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) capabilities that are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to manufacture products intended for human use on Earth and in space. Beyond providing automated laboratories on the International Space Station, we are building and guiding partnerships to support a path forward from iterative R&D to full-scale manufacturing in space. This affords our partnerships access to space where the efficacy of a product or a therapeutic solution is not subject to the effects of gravity.

The implications for both the discovery and manufacturing of health and technology products are significant and have the potential to yield solutions that simply do not or cannot exist on Earth.

Explore the partnerships leading the way for health and technology manufacturing in space:

*These partnerships are made possible through private and federal NASA funding.