November 2, 2022

Space Tango Acquires Leading Automation Engineering Company, Faradine Space Systems

LEXINGTON, Ky. (November 2, 2022) – Space Tango, a leading company in pursuit of health and technology manufacturing in space, today announced the acquisition of Faradine Space Systems (“Faradine Space”), a subdivision of Kentucky-based company Faradine Systems – a technical solutions and engineering firm with expertise in fault tolerant avionics, remote sensing, and automation (IoT), and hardware accelerated computer vision systems.

Throughout their existing seven-year partnership, Space Tango and Faradine Space made history – from the first successful production of two automated manufacturing use-cases on the International Space Station (ISS) to the first successful demonstration of NASA’s “extended lab” concept, a proven pathfinder to enable the use of visiting ISS-vehicles as additional research space when otherwise limited.

“Space Tango and Faradine Space have always worked as partners to advance automated solutions for R&D and manufacturing in space,” said Twyman Clements, CEO and Co-Founder. “This acquisition is an exciting evolution of a proven collaboration and continued commitment to making that future a reality.”

For Space Tango, microgravity is a unique platform where the properties of materials, fluid behaviors, and biological processes are different to what is observed on Earth. Space Tango aims to capitalize on these differences. To date, they have supported over 200 automated research investigations on the ISS with additional government and privately funded programs scheduled throughout the next five years.

“Our growth requires a solid foundation from which to build, and the acquisition of this expertise prepares us well to provide scalable solutions,” said Clements.

Space Tango’s acquisition of Faradine Space to develop enabling technologies supports existing CubeLab investigations and future initiatives. Gaining additional in-house expertise in electrical and software engineering also contributes to the rapid prototyping and testing of new facilities that can accommodate research and manufacturing capabilities on a variety of vehicles and platforms, including future commercial space stations or reentry capsules.

“Marking the end of a nearly decade-long collaboration between Faradine Space and Space Tango, we’re proud to have done our part to usher in a new paradigm for microgravity research, development, and manufacturing that will undoubtedly lead to countless advances in space exploration, as well as promoting a path to life changing applications here on Planet Earth,” said Chris Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Faradine Systems. “Faradine Systems looks forward to future collaboration with the Space Tango team to continue building a thriving high-tech industry in our home state of Kentucky.”



Space Tango is an industry leader in automated systems in the pursuit of health and technology manufacturing in space. Since 2017 Space Tango provides facilities to support iterative R&D and manufacturing in microgravity environments. Through an integrated and intuitive approach, Space Tango works alongside its diverse partner base to embrace pathways to production. For more information, visit


Specializing in fault-tolerant and rapidly adaptable electronic systems, Faradine Systems provides the tools necessary to perform complex automation and computing tasks at the source.  By utilizing a modular design methodology, Faradine Systems provides rapidly adaptable, scalable, and ready-to-deploy hardware and software solutions that have proven themselves in the harshest of environments.