Cynthia Martin-Brennan

Cynthia Martin-Brennan is the Director, Strategy and External Affairs. In this role, Cynthia leads the development of strategic engagement plans and initiatives that align with Space Tango’s mission and vision. 

Cynthia has 35 years of experience supporting the U.S. civil space program with expertise in strategic planning, space-based research and development, operations, and STEM educations. For the last 15 years, she has actively worked with key policy stakeholders providing information necessary to shape future space policy. Cynthia has spent her career focused on promoting U.S leadership in space by facilitating potential innovation driven by space-based research and development. Because of the depth and breadth in her career with the federal government, small and large businesses, academia, and non-profits, Cynthia is accomplished as a “thought connector.” She excels at connecting people’s goals and ideas from the public and private sectors into actionable strategies.

In her formative years at NASA, Cynthia worked with international partners and still maintains key relationships to this day and was awarded the NASA Exceptional Service Medal. Cynthia is a recognized thought leader and has publicly spoken on how to strategically drive U.S. innovation through space-based research and development. This is her principal tenet and continues to drive her career.