Laboratory Manager

Andrew Diddle is the Science Laboratory Manager at Space Tango. In this role, he ensures adherence to laboratory usage, safety, training, and documentation is up to date in support of all projects and flight-readiness activities. Andrew also manages resource allocations, maintains the facilities, and oversees sterile hardware processing and contamination testing. He continues to develop unique procedures and practices that adapt standard processes and techniques for microgravity applications.

Prior to Space Tango, Andrew worked in a medicinal biochemistry lab where he not only managed the greenhouse systems but helped improve the procedure for isolating anacardic acid from geranium plants. He also worked in microbial genomics labs where he isolated and studied Pseudomonas strains from their environment as well as strains isolated from cystic fibrosis patients. 

Andrew obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Cellular Physiology from the University of Louisville. During the completion of his Master of Science in Space Systems Engineering from Morehead State University, Andrew also managed several investigations at Space Tango including the development of a microgravity aeroponics system for plant growth.