Accelerating Innovation in Space

R&D and Manufacturing On-Orbit to Create a Better Future for Humanity


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On-Orbit Manufacturing

Space Tango’s mission is to manufacture health and technology products in space that create value and transformational solutions. As a leader in automated systems, space Tango pursues pathways to on-orbit manufacturing. Our vision is to inspire, innovate, and create a better future for humanity by utilizing the unique environment of space.

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Why Space?

The ever-present force of gravity governs our physical and biological processes and affects how we develop solutions on Earth. But what do we discover in its absence?

In space, microgravity is a unique attribute of low-Earth orbit that when utilized as an innovation platform yields solutions that simply do not or cannot exist terrestrially. By exploring the influence of microgravity which can affect the physical properties of materials and fluids, as well as biological systems; we are opening the door to new capabilities and benefits for technology, materials, and biomedical industries. Space Tango recognizes the profound implications for health and technology products when science is prioritized. We have the opportunity to create valuable and transformational solutions for humanity.

Science in Space

The space environment is a new frontier for innovation in R&D and manufacturing. Since 2017, Space Tango continues to support diverse partnership programs and projects in:

Product shot of CubeLab


Space Tango’s compact, automated laboratories on the International Space Station U.S National Laboratory.

Unearth Answers

Space Tango looks beyond Earth’s boundaries and asks, “what if?” and “what’s next?”

Our experienced team provides an integrated approach to answering these questions and facilitating manufacturing in space — from R&D to production.

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